Revolutionize Book Distribution: How Print on Demand at Point of Sale will Replace the Traditional Supply Chain

By Jason Epstein.

Published by The International Journal of the Book

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Just as no one, including Gutenberg himself, could have foreseen in the Fifteenth Century the cultural consequences of his invention, so it is impossible to anticipate in detail the eventual effect of today’s far more efficient technologies. But by introducing powerful new methods for the production, storage and distribution of books, these technologies are likely to alter our more complex world as profoundly as the printing press changed Gutenberg’s late feudal world five centuries ago.

International Journal of the Book, Volume 1. Article: Print (Spiral Bound), ISSN: 1447-9516, BC03-0001-2003. Article: Electronic (PDF File; 105.533KB), ISSN: 1447-9567, BC03-0001-2003.

Jason Epstein

Jason Epstein has led one of the most creative careers in book publishing of the past half century. In 1952, while a young editor at Doubleday, he created Anchor Books, which launched the so-called ‘paperback revolution’ and established the trade paperback format. In the following decade he became cofounder of The New York Review of Books. In the 1980s he created the Library of America, the prestigious publisher of American classics, and The Reader's Catalog, the precursor of online bookselling. For many years, Jason Epstein was editorial director of Random House. He was the first recipient of the National Book Award for Distinguished Service to American Letters and was given the Curtis ‘inventing new kinds of publishing and editing.’ He has edited many well-known novelists, including Norman Mailer, Vladimir Nabokov, E. L. Doctorow, Philip Roth, and Gore Vidal, as well as many important writers of nonfiction.


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